Banana Beads & Fruit Bracelet

Banana Beads & Fruit Bracelet





Porcelain and golden stainless steel stretch bracelet. Nickel-free, allergy-free metal. 6 months guarantee. Weight: 21.88g. Porcelain is hand-made and hand-painted, making our pieces unique. Paint and color may vary slightly from one piece to another. All our jewelry is designed in Toulouse (France) and manufactured in our family workshop in Thailand. Jewelry delivered in a box or pouch.

Porcelain and golden stainless steel. Our stainless steel jewelry may contain golden brass elements (eyelets, fasteners, chains, etc.). The metal must be preserved from water, perfumes or cleaning products so that it retains its shine. Porcelain will always retain its original shine and beauty. It does not require any maintenance but it is a delicate and noble material that does not like shocks, take care.


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