Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey Tee in Heather Grey

Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey Tee in Heather Grey



From Daydreamer:

Did you know that the famous catchphrase “Gabba Gabba Hey” from the Ramones’ song Pinhead is actually inspired from a 30s movie titled Freaks? The chant from the movie is “one of us, gobble gobble” and features conjoined twins, the living torso, the bearded lady, dwarves, and a pinhead called Schlitzie. For the Ramones, shouting “Gabba Gabba Hey” is to declare yourself a fellow freak, someone who feels like an outcast and turns to ‘Pinhead’ as their punk rock anthem. And just like the phrase is an essential part of becoming a punk freak, our new Ramones girlfriend tee feels like a members only item that can’t be skipped.


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